Here is a collection of resources that might be helpful to you as we go through the course.

Virtual Microscope

If you would like to see more examples of histology slides, check out this virtual microscope histology site. It’s well-designed and easy to use. You can click on any system and take a look at photos (they even point out stuff for you so you know exactly what you’re looking at). There are concise descriptions of each histologic feature too.

Given our time constraints, we don’t have a separate laboratory section in our course; we will be looking at all the pertinent images during lecture. However, you may find it useful to use this virtual microscope site as we go through each system as a way of reviewing what we talk about in class.

Must-watch, simple explanation of early embryology

This is really worth watching – there’s play-doh and sleeping bags. It’s the best video I can find on the topics of bilaminar and trilaminar disk formation, and also on lateral folding of the embryo.


Animation of gastrulation

This is an accurate and easy to watch animation of the formation of the three germ cell layers.


Super-quick early embryology overview

Nice, short 3D video from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.


Animation of lateral folding

This video goes into more detail than we do in our class – but it will give you a general 3D feel for how lateral folding occurs.


Quick and easy animation of sarcomere shortening

This is something that is SO much easier to understand when it is animated.


Airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow


The Carlton dance



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