Here are some crosswords I made on our lecture material. These are totally optional – some students really like them, and find them useful – but you may not, and that’s fine!

Please note that a few of these crosswords contain some words/concepts that may sound unfamiliar to you. That’s because I made some of the crosswords a few years ago, when my lecture content was slightly different. I only bring this up because I want you to know that for test purposes, you’re only responsible for the content we cover in this year’s lectures! So if you run across something we didn’t cover in lecture, don’t worry about it – it won’t be on this year’s exam.

Connective tissue, cartilage, and bone
Blood, hematopoietic system, and lymphoid system
Cardiovascular system
Endocrine system
Gastrointestinal system
Pancreas, liver, gallbladder
Respiratory system
Urinary system