Updated version of lecture slides posted

It was so fun to meet you guys today! Thank you for your patience with the computer issues. It will NOT take that long to start class every day; apparently no one had been in the room so everything had been unplugged and needed to be rebooted.

I posted an updated version of today’s lectures slides on our lectures page. The main difference is that that this new updated version has some lecture objectives at the beginning. There are a couple other minor differences: I added a slide on what this class will be like, and I deleted the slide on toluidine blue slide (because it wasn’t super important).

I try very hard not to do this (go back after class and upload new slides), because I know it is annoying. But I really wanted you to have lecture objectives so you can see what I consider to be the most important take-aways from the lecture.

I’m so glad you liked the cookies! In case you didn’t get a chance to look at the diagram of your cookie(s), here are the drawings: