Embryology lecture and summary videos

Tomorrow we’ll be talking about the events that happen in the first several weeks of life. It’s a really amazing process – you start with one cell, and then that cell turns into a ball of cells, and then a little flattened pancake appears, and then the pancake becomes three-layered, and then the pancake rolls up its edges to make a tube…and you end up with something that looks much more like a shrimp than a tiny baby!

In previous years, this lecture included a section on something called the pharyngeal arches. But it turns out that we talk about the pharyngeal arches in detail in Oral Histology (which makes sense, since the pharyngeal arches help form the oral cavity and head). So this year, to streamline things a bit, I deleted the pharyngeal arch content from our embryology lecture.

I just wanted to point that out, because the embryology summary videos and crossword contain content related to the pharyngeal arches, and that kind of discrepancy would drive me nuts as a student unless the course director explicitly said don’t worry about that pharyngeal arch stuff, it’s not on the test.

So I just wanted to let you know that none of the pharyngeal arch stuff will be on our exam. Sorry for the discrepancy!

Also, just a heads up, after cutting out that redundant content, our lecture is now shorter – we should finish in an hour.