Extra credit opportunity!

I mentioned in class that I’d love to see how you summarize our lectures, if that is something that you do when you study. Everyone studies differently, of course, and you have to just find what works with your brain.

Here are some examples of study methods I’ve seen students use.

  • Condensing the material and then putting it into a form that makes sense to you (this is what worked best for me)
  • Making traditional paper flashcards
  • Using Anki
  • Studying in groups, asking each other questions
  • Doing multiple choice questions (like our Kahoots, or maybe just searching online for question banks)
  • Writing your own multiple choice questions.
  • Making or solving crosswords
  • Making a jeopardy game
  • Making an infographic (Canva works really well for this)
  • Mind/concept mapping
  • Drawing your own pictures/cartoons and labeling them with key concepts

Here’s one method that does NOT work well.

Reading and rereading the PowerPoint slides, trying to memorize each one. I’ve seen students try this unsuccessfully, and there’s also good research showing that this doesn’t work. Part of the reason this method doesn’t work is because it’s so passive. You think you understand the material, but it’s really just superficial, rote memorization.

Here’s the extra credit opportunity.

After class one day, one of you was kind enough to share your gorgeous summary diagram of hematopoiesis with me. As we were talking, the idea came up: wouldn’t it be cool to see how other students put together information?

So, after that long introduction, here’s the extra credit opportunity. You send me a study guide/drawing/summary that you’ve created for one organ system (say, the GI tract, or the respiratory tract), and I’ll give you two extra credit points. I’ll also (with your permission, and without your name) post your study guide/drawings/summary on our website so others can benefit!

Obviously, some of the methods I listed above won’t work for this (group studying and answering multiple choice questions, for example). But otherwise, anything goes – it just needs to be something you have created and find useful.

I’m really excited to see what you guys do! YAY!!!

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