Information about Exam 1

This post contains specifics and logistics for our first exam in General Histology (DDS 6214). Please email me if you have any questions not answered here! I’ll send out an email with the password to the exam tomorrow night.

Start and end time

The exam is scheduled for Thursday, September 1, and you may take it any time between 12:01 am and 11:59 pm that day. Once you open the exam you have two hours to complete the exam. All submissions must be uploaded by 11:59 pm on Thursday in order to receive a grade.

Classroom availability

Our classroom should be open and available from 1:00 – 3:00 pm tomorrow, if you want to take the exam at that time in our classroom. I’d suggest that if there are several people in the the room, please try to space yourself out well so there’s no way anyone (including ExamMonitor) can suggest the possibility of you looking at someone else’s computer 🙂


I aim for roughly 5 questions per lecture hour on our exams (in this class and in our future classes). For this exam, the Intro to Histology lecture was quite short, so I only have two questions on that lecture. Here’s the full breakdown by lecture:

Intro to Histology: 2 questions
Embryology: 5 questions
Epithelial Tissue: 10 questions
Muscle Tissue: 10 questions
Nervous Tissue: 5 questions
Connective Tissue: 5 questions
Cartilage and Bone: 10 questions

Please take a look at the Sample Exam Questions post to get an idea of how I write questions. There will not be any tissue microscopic images on the exam, but as I mentioned in class, there will be an electron micrograph image of the sarcomere on the exam. Questions 17 and 18 in the Exam 1 Review Kahoot, and question 4 in the Sample Exam Questions post show this image and give you an idea of the kinds of questions I might ask on the exam.

Examplify Information

You will take this exam using Examplify installed on your PC/Macintosh laptop or desktop computer. If Examplify is currently installed, it may require an update and computer restart before the exam. If it is not installed, you should download and install the most up-to-date version of Examplify before the exam.

This exam will be remotely proctored using ExamID and ExamMonitor. This means you will take a photo of yourself at the start of the exam for identity verification and you will be recorded during the exam. So only laptops/desktops with a working camera & microphone and Chrome or Firefox browsers can be used to complete the exam. Please note, iPads are not compatible with the ExamMonitor software and may not be used for this exam.

No scratch paper is allowed during the exam – but I have enabled the digital notepad feature within Examplify, so you can use that if that helps. Also, just a reminder that using electronic devices (phones, tablets, smart watches, headphones) is not allowed while taking the exam.

If you experience any anomalies while taking the exam (examples include barking dogs, interruption by a family member, etc.) please email me at after completing the exam to let me know.

Here’s a quick troubleshooting guide for Examplify for your reference.


After you take the exam, you will immediately receive your raw score. Final scores will be posted to your ExamSoft Student Portal and Canvas after I’ve reviewed the exam metrics. I plan to do that on Friday morning.


If you have any questions about the exam please feel free to email me any time tomorrow. I’ll be checking my email frequently so I will be able to respond quickly.

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