Our first lecture is tomorrow!

I’m so excited to meet all of you and start our General Histology course. Tomorrow is our first class session together (yay!) and I just wanted to tell you a few things so you know what to expect.

Obviously, you’ve made it to our website, GeneralHistology.com. This is where all of our course stuff will reside. Here’s a quick summary of what this website contains:

  • Our Home page (the page you’re on right now) is where I’ll post anything related to the course (student questions, schedule changes, stuff I run across that’s related to what we’re talking about in class, etc.).
  • The About page has the basic information you’ll want to know about our course. You can also download our course syllabus here, which is very long and boring but has all the official school policies in it.
  • Our class schedule is listed on the Lectures page. You’ll also find the PowerPoint slides for each lecture here, as well as the lecture recordings (I’ll post these as soon as they’re available – usually they’re ready a few hours after lecture).
  • There are a bunch of optional resources that you might find useful, including Summary Videos of each lecture, Crosswords, Kahoots (little quizzes you can take to test yourself), and Other Resources like helpful YouTube videos, etc.

The only thing not on this website is grades; these will be posted on Canvas.

So that’s about it for the website. Tomorrow, we’ll have class at 1:00 – and although the schedule says we have class until 2:55 we’ll probably end earlier than that. I’ll spend a little time at the beginning just talking about the course, so you know what to expect. Then we’ll have a short lecture to introduce you to some basic principles of histology.

Also, we’ll have a yummy AND educational surprise tomorrow in class. I’ve been working hard on it this weekend (actually, it’s not work, it’s really fun)…here’s a sneak peek:

See you at 1:00 tomorrow in Moos 2-690!

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