Exam review Zoom meeting cancelled

I apologize for the late notice – but I have an unexpected conflict today with our previously-scheduled Zoom meeting – so I have to cancel that meeting. However, here is the Exam 3 Review Kahoot we were going to go through – so please go through it on your own, if you choose, and let me know if you have any questions at all. I’m happy to set up individual Zoom meetings (or group ones, if there are several people that have the same availability!) to talk about any questions.

2 thoughts on “Exam review Zoom meeting cancelled

  1. Hi,
    For me it is difficult to distinguish between drawing in question no. 6 and that in the question no. 8,
    can you simply answer the major difference in both drawings?


    • Yes! I agree – those drawings do look very similar. The way the pits and glands are drawn in question 6 is not as clear as it could be; the pits are just a tiny bit wider than the glands, which reach down towards the muscularis mucosa. So that subtlety doesn’t help you much in distinguishing the two drawings. But there is another difference, and that’s in the muscularis externa. In the stomach, the muscularis externa has three layers, but in the colon, it only has two. So in question six, you can see three distinct layers going in different directions in the muscularis externa – but in question 8, there are only two. I wouldn’t ask you this question (with these drawings, I mean) on an exam, because it’s kind of tricky. But in these exam review Kahoots, sometimes it’s good to throw in something that makes you look at the tissue in a new way – I think that helps the information stick better. Let me know if you have other questions!


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