A couple quick updates

Just a few quick items to share with you about the course. First: I know there were a few typos on the exam, and I apologize for those. Normally, I check and double check (and triple check) the exam before posting it – but this time, I couldn’t do that, and it resulted in a repeated question as well as a fusion of two questions 😦 I’ll be adjusting your scores for the fused question, and if I run into any other typos that could have been confusing, I’ll adjust accordingly for those as well. I’ll post the exam scores on Canvas this evening.

I’ve been dealing with a family emergency that started over the weekend – and although I was able to do the exam review on Monday, I have otherwise been unable to get to my computer much over the last several days. So that’s the reason for the exam typos, and it’s also the reason I haven’t been able to respond to many of your emails over the past few days. Normally, I try to answer emails within the same day, but that just hasn’t been possible, and I apologize for that. I plan to start working through them tomorrow, however, and I’ll start with the oldest ones first.

Finally, I’ve moved our optional post-exam review session from tomorrow (9/24) to Tuesday, 9/29 (you can see the change on our lectures page). I will be posting tomorrow’s lecture video this evening.

Thank you for your patience with these changes and adjustments!

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