New lecture videos uploaded! Plus, some mom stuff.

Lecture videos for Tuesday, September 8 are now posted on our lectures page! I also added an optional Office Hours session on Tuesday from 3:00 – 4:00, in case you have questions or want to vent.

I’ll be posting Thursday’s lectures as soon as possible, in case you really want to get nuts over the long weekend. I’d advise you to get out and enjoy the nice weather instead, though. There will always be too much to study, and too little time, and you need to be sure you’re taking care of yourself. I hope you’re doing as many of these things as possible:

  • Sleeping enough (at least 7 hours)
  • Eating good food
  • Exercising a bit
  • Going outside (trees and sunshine)
  • Connecting in person with other humans
  • Finding a few minutes every day for meditation, prayer, or whatever calms and centers you

I’ll post some convincing and highly-regarded research articles supporting the importance of the above habits later on – but for now I just want to encourage you to make time for yourself, starting now. You are important! Okay, I’m done.

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