Office hours recording posted

Thanks so much to everyone who showed up during our office hours yesterday! I know that some of you were unable to join the meeting – I’m sorry about that. It sounds like for some of you the link wasn’t working – and I’m not sure why that was the case, but I’ll be sure to double check the links from now on. For others, it may have been an issue with HIPAA credentials not being registered. Hopefully that will have been resolved by Monday; if it hasn’t been, I’d contact Sara Johnson in Student Affairs ( – she’ll either fix it or point you in the right direction 🙂

There were so many great questions – and it was SO nice to get a chance to “meet” you guys, even if it was only on Zoom. If you weren’t able to join in, don’t worry – the session was recorded (thanks to the students who suggested this at the beginning!). Here’s a link to the recording – I’ve also posted this link on our lectures page, next to  “Office Hours” on yesterday’s schedule.

Looking forward to more of these office hour sessions!

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