Tomorrow’s lectures and office hours

I made a couple minor changes to our schedule for tomorrow, and I’d like to point those out and explain a couple things.

First, just a little background on the lecture videos. Right now, the videos I have posted are unedited – which means that there is extra footage before the lecture starts, and also extra footage during the 15-minute scheduled breaks between lecture hours. I am working with the IT department to get the videos uploaded to a different U of M site that has editing capabilities, so that I can cut out the non-relevant footage and post a nice clean version for you guys. 

I hope to get this resolved by next week so that you can just watch the videos without having to skip through the irrelevant stuff. In the meantime, I’ve listed the start and end times for each lecture right next to each video link:

Which brings me to the tweaks I made to our schedule. We have a total of four hours of scheduled class time for tomorrow – and I had originally broken it up like this:

8:00 – 9:55 Connective tissue
10:10 – 12:05  Muscle tissue
11:00 – 12:00  Optional office hours

It turns out that each of our lectures for tomorrow is under an hour in length (and that’s if you watch at regular speed! You may find it works just fine to watch at 1.4x.). So I changed the schedule to this (you’ll see this on our lectures page):

8:00 – 8:50 Connective tissue
9:05 – 9:55  Muscle tissue
10:10 – 12:05  Optional office hours

I extended office hours because this will be the first time we get to “meet” each other, and I want to be sure there’s enough time for everyone to ask questions.

By the way, it might seem a little weird that I’m sticking to the official scheduled times for lectures (e.g., 8:00 – 8:50 and 9:05 – 9:55 instead of just 8-9 and 9-10) – but I want make sure you still get scheduled breaks, even though we’re not in the classroom. You still need to get up, stretch, and get something to drink!

Let me know if you have any questions on this or anything else. As we get into more of a groove, there will be fewer of these long posts – but at the beginning, as each new thing comes up, I want to be sure to explain what I’m doing so that you know what’s going on.

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