Welcome to General Histology!

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to start our course on Monday! Although I have no idea how the summer went by so quickly…

I hope you all received my email with a few notes on what to expect in our course. For a more complete list of course policies and information, check out our about page. A couple other notes on this website:

  • The lectures page contains the most current version of our course schedule, as well as the ppts for each lecture.
  • I made summary videos that hit the most important points from each lecture. There are two videos for each lecture: a short version (about 10-15 minutes long) and a ridiculously short version (about 5 minutes long) so you can choose which one to watch based on how much time you have to spare. These aren’t required! But students have found them useful for previewing and/or reviewing the material.
  • The resources page contains a handful of really good YouTube videos as well as a link to our virtual microscope website.

Finally: I’ll be posting stuff on this page (our home page) pretty frequently – things like schedule changes, links to grades, great student questions and answers, and anything I think might help you learn the material. You may want to bookmark this page – or, even better, sign up for email notifications (at the bottom of this page) – that way you won’t have to remember to check back.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at kkrafts@umn.edu!

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