Exam scores are up!

Exam scores are back, finally! I don’t know what the holdup was – but they’re up now.

You guys did REALLY WELL. Here’s some stats, before adding a point (see below):

  • Mean: 46 (out of 49)
  • SD: 2.47
  • High score: 49
  • Low score: 34

All the questions except one performed really well (between 90-100% of the class got them right). The question that gave you guys trouble was this one:

Blood cells leave the marrow, circulate in the blood for a certain period of time, and eventually are removed from the blood. The cells that spend the longest amount of time in the blood are _____, and the cells that are in the blood for the shortest period of time are ______.

A. Platelets; neutrophils
B. Erythrocytes; platelets
C. Neutrophils; erythrocytes
D. Neutrophils; platelets
E. Erythrocytes; neutrophils

The correct answer was E (erythrocytes last about 4 months in the blood, platelets last around a week, and neutrophils are only in the blood a few hours before they exit into tissues). The class was about split between B and E, and I’m assuming it’s because I didn’t teach the point well enough.

I’m adding a point to everyone’s score for this question – so if you got them all right, you’ll see that your score is now 50/49.

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