Oral embryology PowerPoints

Here are the PowerPoints for our Oral Embryology lectures. I did these lectures for a few years, but for the past couple years, Dr. Koutlas has been doing them – so that’s why the slides look like they came from two different people.

I’m making some minor edits to Dr. Koutlas’ PowerPoints, as I mentioned today – just changing the slide order and deleting a few things just so that I can comfortably relate the material to you. I’m posting both versions of the PowerPoints below – but please note that the exam questions will come only from the new PowerPoints (the ones we use in class). Let me know if you have any questions.

New PowerPoints (for class)

  • Embryology part 1 (fertilization through folding)  ppt | pdf
  • Embryology part 2 (pharyngeal arches)  ppt | pdf
  • Embryology part 3 (head, face, oral cavity)  ppt | pdf

Old PowerPoints (optional reading; not required)

  • Embryology part 1  ppt | pdf
  • Embryology part 2  ppt | pdf
  • Embryology part 3  ppt | pdf

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