Exam 2 review Kahoots

Here are all the Kahoots that cover material on Exam 2. Please note that the questions in Kahoot #1 are HARDER on average than the exam questions will be. I purposely made these Kahoot questions harder because I wanted them to spark discussion as we went through them in class. I think to really get the most out of an in-class Kahoot, there should be something about the question that makes you think a little more deeply about the material and discuss why each answer is right or wrong. Otherwise, it’s just memorization-type thought, which you can just as easily do at home on your own. So the questions on exam 2 will be similar in type and depth to the questions on exam 1.

Kahoot #1: Multisystem review (28 questions, covers everything except the endocrine system). This is the one we did in class yesterday. There were two questions (questions 5 and 11) that had more than one correct answer; those have been fixed.

Kahoot #2: Multisystem review (6 questions, Jumble style, covers everything except blood and the endocrine system)

Kahoot #3: Endocrine system (5 questions)

Kahoot #4: Cardiovascular system (8 questions)

Kahoot #5: Blood, hematopoietic system, lymphoid system (15 questions)

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