Exam 1 grades are posted!

Exam 1 grades are back, and they are now posted on Canvas

We used Moodle in the past – but we’ve been asked to switch to Canvas now – so that’s why the link to Moodle has disappeared.

The total number of points was 55. The mean was 52, high was 55, and low was 45. So you all did really well!

A quick note on how final grades for histology are determined: grades for this course are not curved – they’re based on the percentage of total course points you obtain. So your scores for all three exams will be added to give you a single numerical score for the course, and grades will be determined as follows:

A = scores greater than or equal to 90% of total course points
B = scores between 80% and 90% of total course points
C = scores between 70% and 80% of total course points

You can read more about our course policies on our About page. Let me know if you have any questions.

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