Kahoots, practice exam questions, and info about exam

Here’s a connective tissue Kahoot, and here’s the Exam 1 review Kahoot we did in class today.

I’ll have office hours tomorrow afternoon from 1-3 in case you have questions and want to stop by. My office is 16-206a Moos.

I mentioned I’d post a couple sample exam questions so you could see the typical style and level of difficulty of the questions on our exams. Here are three exam questions from last year’s exam (answers are at the end of this post):

1. In merocrine glands, how do epithelial cells secrete substances?
A. Substances diffuse across cell membranes and are secreted directly into the bloodstream
B. Secretory products are packaged into vesicles and released by exocytosis
C. The uppermost portion of the cells buds off and is shed
D. Entire cells disintegrate and release their contents

2. The formation of scar tissue is common in dental patients who have sustained trauma to areas of soft tissue such as the lip and tongue following extensive poking with sharp pointy things. Microscopically, scar tissue contains abundant, thick, pink bundles of collagen oriented in many different directions, with very little ground substance. Scar tissue would be best classified as which type of connective tissue proper?
A. Dense irregular connective tissue
B. Dense regular connective tissue
C. Loose areolar connective tissue
D. Loose reticular connective tissue

3. What is osteoid?
A. A component of bone matrix containing type I collagen and ground substance
B. A single plate or table of bone
C. The mineralized part of bone which contains hydroxyapatite
D. The region between bony trabeculae which will eventually turn into the marrow space
E. A center (primary or secondary) in which bone forms by endochondral ossification

The exam will contain roughly 55 questions, with the following approximate breakdown:

  • Intro to histology – 2 questions
  • Embryology – 8 questions
  • Epithelium – 10 questions
  • Connective tissue – 10 questions
  • Muscle – 10 questions
  • Cartilage and bone – 10 questions
  • Nervous system – 5 questions

There won’t be any histology pictures on the exam. However, there could be other images/diagrams (for example, you may want to make sure you fully understand the sarcomere diagram from today’s exam 1 review Kahoot).

Answers are: 1B, 2A, 3A


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