Topical hyaluronic acid! Yay!

In class Friday, we talked about how HUGE hyaluronic acid molecules are (normal HA is over a million daltons – wow!). So you wouldn’t think that a topical product containing HA would be of any benefit – the HA would just sit on top of the skin and not do much of anything.

But new products have multiple weights of HA (some even have HA packed into nanoparticles), allowing the HA to penetrate the skin.

This awesome blog called Into the Gloss has a great post on topical hyaluronic acid products if you’re interested. One of their favorites is a Pestle and Mortar product called pure hyaluronic serum, which I had already read about in a New York Times article entitled: The Second Coming of Hyaluronic Acid. I had to get it. It’s awesome.

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