Exam 3 scores are posted! And a HUGE thank you :)

Exam 3 scores are now posted on Moodle. I can’t turn in grades until the evaluations are in, but at least you can see what you got on your exam. You did great, as usual. The mean was 59/66 (89.4%), the high was 66/66, and the low was 49/66…so everyone passed! Yay!

If you ever want to come and take a look at any of your exams, just let me know, and we can find a time that fits into your schedule.

Finally, I want to thank you for your incredible kindness and support this semester. You showed such genuine compassion and care – it brings tears to my eyes. The card you gave me is right here on my desk and I read all your kind comments regularly. Thank you for all the kind emails, for your smiles and energy during class, and for your concern and prayers. It was a joy to come to “work” (not work) and be with all of you. I miss you already, but I look forward to seeing you next year in pathology!



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